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software engineer at auth0, writing code for humans, with humans.


  • Gastón Ramos

    Gastón Ramos

    Hacker based in Santa Fe, Argentina.

  • Julius Francisco

    Julius Francisco

    Husband and API geek... Former Chief Architect @validic

  • Daniel Cadenas

    Daniel Cadenas

  • Ernesto Tagwerker

    Ernesto Tagwerker

    Founder @OmbuLabs, The Lean Software Boutique. I like to build and maintain software, products and open source projects.

  • Brock Whitten

    Brock Whitten

    Co-creator of Surge, Harp, and Cordova/PhoneGap. Mozilla-WebFWD Alumni and advocate of a free and open web. A friend of the community.

  • Ivan Santos

    Ivan Santos

    @pragmaticivan, views expressed on this blog are solely mine, not those of present or past employers.

  • Maxi Dello Russo

    Maxi Dello Russo

  • Shenoa Lawrence

    Shenoa Lawrence

    Freelance front-end web designer, project manager, and adventure seeker.

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